Fief - France 1429 Expansions Pack


    Discover this extensive expansion to Fief - France 1429. The pack includes five expansions that add further nuance to every game of Fief.

    The Fief Tactics expansion adds four new types of Troops: Archers, Bombards, Mercenaries, and Royal Guard.

    The Teutonic Knights expansion adds a new possible title, Teutonic Knights Troops, and Teutonic Strongholds/Fortified Cities.

    The Templars expansion adds the Knights Templar Order to Fief, bringing great added weath to fiefs, at the risk of garnering royal disfavor. Includes Templar Grand Master counter, Templar Knight Troops, Commandery Building Counters and more!

    The Politics expansion incudes family Attendants that give each family a special ability. Also included are Noble Attribute cards that give each Lord in a family a special attribute, both good and bad!

    With the Crusades expansion families may leave France for the Crusades! Expansion includes new titles, a Crusades board extension, counters for Saracen troops, and more.

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    France 1429
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