CoH: Eastern Front Solo Expansion - Germany

  • About the Expansion

    The Awakening the Bear! Solo Expansion is the highly anticipated rule set that has been in development for over 3 years! A player will be able to play Awakening the Bear against a highly reactive game AI. This AI is based on the most modern emergent behavior and agent based logic programming systems. AI units are not individually programmed like in past solo games. Instead, each situation is evaluated and the best course of action using available AI resources and unit assets is implemented.

    This is a radical and groundbreaking implementation of advanced artificial intelligence by Academy Games for their Conflict of Heroes series. Players will be surprised by the AI strategies and actions that emerge as a result of the player's own battle tactics. This may force even veteran players to hone and adapt their own playing styles in order to overcome the AI.

    MSRP ($50) - You Save $5!

    For use with Awakening the Bear, Storms of Steel, and Price of Honour

    Expansion Details
    • General Winter Bundle ($70)
      Bundle Contains:

      Eastern Front Solo Expansion
      Awakening the Bear Firefight Generator
      MSRP ($100) - You Save $30!

  • Rules, Resources, Videos and More

    Access this page below to download rules, see more videos or extra information.



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