Fun and Engaging Games that Impart Social and Historical Learning

We specialize in historical board games ranging from family games to tactical training games that impart social and historical learning for gaming enthusiasts, schools, museums, universities and military personnel. Our games are quick to learn and fun to play. They include write-ups and maps that neutrally describe why the situations or conflicts in our games occurred, how they progressed, and their historical repercussions. We are honored by the many awards that we have received and hope that we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. Thank you for your continued support. -Uwe Eickert, Academy Games

The Academy Team

Gunter Eickert

Game and firefight development

Uwe has been honing Gunter’s skills as a war gamer and game designer his whole life, starting him off on Advanced Squad Leader at the age of 6. Gunter spent his youth roaming the U.S. with a traveling…

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Uwe Eickert


Uwe built up and sold several successful businesses before he figured out that game designing and publishing is the path to riches and fame. Since then he has appeared on the Oprah show, been…

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Meet more team members
  • Once again Academy Games has scored a victory and 1775 should go down as a classic game! Huzzah!

    - Rick, Armchair General, 2014

  • There isn't a single bad thing I can say about this game.

    - Marcus, A Lordsplodge Review, 2014

  • We always have a good time when we play this.

    - A Couple of Meeple, 2014

  • I really like [the way] it plays: the different things you have to think of with your dice, the way you move armies, the way you need to watch which units you are moving with those armies...there are just a lot of cool things you can do; plan back and forth or as a two player game. There is a lot of history going on!

    - Trent, The Board Game Family Review, 2015

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