878 Vikings - Viking Age Expansion


    The “Viking Age Expansion” adds several new scenarios, game components mechanics, and victory conditions to the 878 Vikings game, such as Christian Churches, Pagan Relics, Viking Settlements, Holy Places, and much more!


      • War for Land and Gods
      • Kingdoms
      • Kings
      • Runes and Prayer
      • Relics and Holy Sites
      • Legends
      • Epic Battle Events
      • Viking Ships
      • Legendary Leaders
  • Requirements

    878 Vikings

    Invasions of England
  • Downloads

    Viking Age Expansion Rule Book v18 (EN)

    English Language, PDF Format. - Updated 2/21/18

    Download Rule Book

    Viking Age Expansion Rule Book v14 (JP)

    Japanese Language, PDF Format. Translation credit Ryo Ogawa. -Updated July 26, 2018

    Download Rule Book
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