BoE: 878 Vikings - 15mm Army Unit Figures Set - Germany

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  • About the Accessory

    Pick up an extra set of 15mm Army Unit Figures to have on hand for your '878 Vikings' game in case some units go missing, or for use with any other smal scale historical miniatures games! Each set contains 40 Norseman figures (black), 20 Berserker figures (Red), 40 Thegn figures (Green), 20 Housecarl figures (Blue), and 10 Fyrd figures (Yellow).

    This is the same set of figures as the one found inside each '878 Vikings' game.

    For use with 878 Vikings.

    PLEASE NOTE: The 878 Vikings 15mm Army Unit Figures Set is currently available in our USA and Europe shipping regions only. Please contact us directly through our Contact form at the top of this page to ask about availability in other regions. Orders for the 878 Vikings 15mm Army Unit Figures set outside of the USA and Europe may be cancelled and refunded if this item is not available in your shipping region. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    *Map board and dice depicted in images not included in set.


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