CoH: Wrecks & Destruction on the Eastern Front Expansion - Germany

  • About the Expansion

    This expansion includes rules and counters for adding Wrecks, destroyed buildings, spreading fires, and drifting artillery barrages to your game. Each wreck marker has a different symbol on it indicating how the wreck will affect the battle around it. Some are usable for cover, some are too hot to be near, others still block line of sight. Counters are reversible, one side for the Germans, one for the Soviets. You may use these with any published Conflict of Heroes firefight.  Add a new layer of depth to your Conflict of Heroes games today!

    The Wrecks & Destruction Expansion is currently out of stock.  We anticipate this product being back in stock Fall 2018.  Enter your email above to be notified when this product becomes available again!

    For use with all Conflict of Heroes games and expansions

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