CoH: Guadalcanal - Pacific 1943 - Germany

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  • About the Game

    Dec 7, 1941 - War explodes across the Pacific when the Japanese attack the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. By May 1942, Japan has spread across the Pacific and is threatening America’s supply lines to Australia after building an airfield on the island of Guadalcanal.

    The United States counters with an ill-prepared occupation of Guadalcanal’s airfield with the 1st Marine Division. The Japanese retaliate with vengeance, cutting off the Marines by sea and pouring in thousands of Japanese reinforcements. A desperate struggle ensues, as the Americans try to hold on to their tiny foothold against the might of the Japanese Empire.

    In Guadalcanal, the Americans track VPs, but the Japanese track Bushido. If a Japanese commander ‘loses face’ during battle, his command and men’s morale can crumble. This is a groundbreaking new concept that forces players to think like their 1942 counterparts.

    Conflict of Heroes features a fast and fluid system that is easy to learn but realistic to all of the unique theaters of battle portrayed.

    Fun: Quick, simultaneous play allows players to interact without waiting.
    Easy: Teach a new player how to play in under 5 minutes. No charts!
    Historically Accurate: Portrays realistic forces and tactics.
    Artwork: Beautiful maps and overlays depicting the varied landscape of Guadalcanal

    “The Guadalcanal Tactical Pacific Combat Game made 2016 a fantastic year for World War 2 tactical gamers.”
    -Rick from Armchair General

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    • Pacific Bundle ($80)
      Bundle Contains:

      FREE - US Army Expansion
      MSRP ($115) - You Save $35!

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