Mare Nostrum Buildings Pack

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  • About the Accessory

    These miniatures are an upgrade for Mare Nostrum - Empires.

    Add to your gaming experience with 3D Buildings for the Caravans, Markets, Temples, Cities, Capital & Legendary Cities counters found in 'Mare Nostrum - Empires'. These miniatures are perfectly sized for use with the game and make gathering your resources during the Trade phase easier!

    Set includes 17 Temples, 9 Capital & Legendary Cities, 10 Cities, 43 Caravans, and 29 Markets.

    For use with Mare Nostrum - Empires and the Atlas Expansion

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    • Expansionist Bundle ($100)
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      Mare Nostrum Buildings Pack
      Mare Nostrum Giant Map Mat
      MSRP ($105) - You Save $5!

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