Mare Nostrum Giant Map Mat

  • About the Accessory

    This Giant Map is an upgrade for Mare Nostrum - Empires!

    Prove your military prowess, your devotion to the gods, or your economic influence to gain powerful bonuses such as new military units, divine interventions, and rewarding economic events.

    Enhance your gaming experience with the Giant Map Mat for 'Mare Nostrum - Empires'. This vibrant, full color map features high definition graphics on a fabric top with a rubberized backing that will grip table surfaces and give plenty of elbow room for each player. The Giant Map Mat comes with the 6th Player Iberian Peninsula already attached making it fully compatible with both 'Mare Nostrum - Empires' and the 'Atlas Expansion'!

    PLEASE NOTE: The Giant Map Mat is currently out of stock in all shipping regions. We plan to restock this item in our shipping regions later this year, so please feel free to sign up to receive a back in stock notification for this product!

    For use with Mare Nostrum - Empires and the Atlas Expansion

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    • Expansionist Bundle ($100)
      Bundle Contains:

      Mare Nostrum Buildings Pack
      Mare Nostrum Giant Map Mat

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