One Small Step Shipping Update

July 06, 2020

One Small Step Shipping Update

One Small Step Shipping Soon

In early May, all One Small Step games were packed on pallets and ready to ship to Europe and the USA. The printer overnighted us print samples for us to send to reviewers. When they arrived, all looked phenomenal - except only one set of wooden Meeple were included instead of two! 
One set of meeples.
The missing wooden meeples were manufactured and silk screened, all games were unloaded, taken out of their master cartons, shrink wrap taken off, the missing meeples added, games re-shrink wrapped, repacked in cartons, and repalletized. 
The ship sail date to the USA is July 7th with an arrival date in Jacksonville, FL of Aug 11. The container will then be shipped to Quartermaster Logistics who will be fulfilling our American backers. 
This timeline is the same for shipment to Europe. One Small Step will be shipped to Happyshops in Germany. 
We will update this post with the ship information as soon as we have it available.  


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