Pre-Order Agents of Mayhem: All Stretch Goals Unlocked!

May 04, 2018

Pre-Order Agents of Mayhem: All Stretch Goals Unlocked!

Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon is an incredible sci-fi tactical game based on a Fallujah skirmish game in development. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in which all stretch goals were unlocked, we have started collecting pre-orders, which will continue until the game arrives later this year.  There are a lot of features in this game that combined make it unique in the board gaming world:

  • 3D Board with Destructible Terrain: buildings up to 9" high that can be used for cover or to take the high ground to gain elevation advantages and attack bonuses.  
  • Unique & Customizable Characters:  each character for MAYHEM and LEGION has a detailed miniature, distinct abilities, and a customizable character board that is outfitted before each mission.  Character progress and upgrade until the game is reset.
  • Fast Skirmish Gameplay:  players stay involved at all times so there is no downtime
  • Story Campaign:  decisions have effects through the rest of the game so every group experience is unique
  • Multiple Play Modes:  Player v Player, Team v Team, 2-8 players, plus an add-on that enables Co-op v AI and Solo play

The game is currently in pre-production with new game art, 3D models, rules & card layouts being completed weekly.  This week we got the final art and miniature renderings for Hammersmith and Safeword, pictured below.

Hammersmith Character Art and Miniature Rendering

Safeword Character Art and Miniature Rendering

More updates will be announced here periodically.  


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