Tudor Kickstarter Update: 2 Player Game Board by Uwe Eickert

June 07, 2018

Tudor Kickstarter Update: 2 Player Game Board by Uwe Eickert

Tudor's Two-Player Custom Game Board

by Uwe Eickert

My wife and I have a lot of friends with whom we play board games with on the weekends. But during the week there is nothing we like more than to set up a good head to head game. We love playing Through the Ages, Carcassonne, Dos Rios, Lowenherz, Twilight Struggle, and many more. 

So for us, it was very important to offer a very strong two-player option for Tudor. We were going to offer a totally new map as a stretch goal but instead decided to include it right from the very beginning. Below I show the differences between the 3-4 player board and the 2 player board printed on the opposite side. 

Tudor 4-player board

Above is the 3-4 player game board. At the bottom, we have the Waiting Room. Here, in player order, are placed new Courtiers each round. For a 3 person game, only the high backed red chairs are available for use. For 4 player games, the low red stool with the 4 player symbol is also available. 

In the Audience Chambers, you will see 4 high backed green chairs on the left side of each Audience Table. Throughout the Rounds, the Courtiers from the Waiting Room are moved into their respective Audience Chamber. In a 3 player game, only 4 chairs are available. In a 4 player game, the green stool with the 4 player symbol is also available. 

On the right side of each Audience Table are two Lord Chairs. 

Now let's look at the 2 player game board.

Above is the 2 player game board printed on the opposite side of the 4 player game board. These are 2mm dense-coreboard maps with a 2mil pp plastic sheet laminated to each surface to keep them water and warp resistant!

In the Waiting Room, you see only two red chairs outside of each Audience Chamber. In each Audience Chamber, there are only 3 Courtier Seats available. If more than 3 Courtiers visit an Audience Chamber during the game, the topmost Courtiers get pushed out of the room and back into the supply pool by the newly entering Courtier. 

Each Audience Chamber also only has 1 Lord Chair. This is very strategic because now there will always be one Chamber without a Lord. And Courtiers located in an Audience Chamber without a Lord cannot take any of that Chamber's unique actions. Ohhh... some tough decisions must now be made by all players. You may want to place a Lord in a Chamber, but your opponent may thus gain some very powerful gameplay benefits that may give them an advantage! ... what to do.... what to do? 

2 Player Waiting Room & Audience Chamber Closeup

Now let's look at the Royal Court, which is comprised of the Upper Court (red carpet) and the Lower Court (blue carpet), separated by the set of steps. Two columns have been removed, to make the competition for the Royal Offices that much more. 

Royal Court close-up of the Royal Offices

In addition, players in a 2 player game will remove a stated number of Rings, Court Tokens, and Influence/Intrigue Tokens from the game. 

With these changes, Tudor plays just as tense and fun with 2 players as with 3 or 4. 

Tudor is live on Kickstarter now thru June 18th.  Thanks for your support and have a great week. 


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