UPDATE! Tournament Results: 1775: Rebellion Tournament at PrezCon 2019!

February 18, 2019

UPDATE! Tournament Results: 1775: Rebellion Tournament at PrezCon 2019!


The '1775 Rebellion' PrezCon 2019 tournament was a smashing success!

1775 Rebellion Tournament PrezCon 2019

Teddy won the tournament in a tense 'Siege of Quebec' scenario. After a hard fought several hours, the game came down to a battle against one British regular holding a victory city that if lost would have given the win to last years champion Rich Beyma.

Rich's roll was both units in the attack fled, leaving the scenario tied after the truce cards were played. The tie breaker used in the tournament was for both sides to total up all faction cubes in play and compare the numbers.

Teddy narrowly won the tie break, 13-12!

1775 Rebellion PrezCon Tournament Winner - Teddy Lange

Congratulations Teddy, and many thanks to Jeff for organizing this tournament!

Original Post Continues Below:

On February 26, 2019, our friend Jeff Lange will be running a 1775: Rebellion tournament at RevCon (an American Revolution mini-con at PrezCon) in Charlottesville, VA!

PrezCon will run from February 26 through March 3. There will be over 100 boardgame tournaments and more than 50 demo events, as well as open gaming with access to an impressive library. Registration is still open and can be done upon arrival, so consider joining in!


Event specifics copied below for your consideration:

Event Description
RevCon, 2018

GM: Jeff Lange

The year is 1775. The American colonies are outraged over new taxes imposed
upon them by Great Britain. They begin to stockpile arms and organize militia. On
April 18th, militia members ambush a column of 700 British Redcoats ordered to
seize stockpiled arms. 273 British soldiers are killed or wounded before they
reach safety in Boston.

The American Revolution has begun!

Now you command the armies of the British Redcoats, English Loyalists, German
Hessians, American Regulars, Patriots, French Regulars and Native Americans to
decide the fate of the Americas. Share the fun in this light and fast paced game!
There will be a mulligan round where winners will be given a bye to the 2nd round
of Single Elimination play.


  • Four Single Elimination rounds with the first being a mulligan.
  • Round Length is 2 hours
  • 2 Player games using the campaign scenario

Tournament Rules & Optional Rules
OFFICIAL RULES: The official tournament rules in effect will be the interpretation of 1775 rules as set forth in Academy Games website. Copies of these will be available for players who need them prior to the start of the tournament.

AREA RATINGS: First round will pair randomly. Following rounds will pair based
on colony differential from all rounds. All games will be AREA Rated. All players
without an AREA rating will be given a starting rating of 5000 for tournament and
recording purposes.

PAIRINGS: The specifics of the system follows:

  • All game results and player ratings will be posted and updated as results are reported.
  • Performance in the scenario will include win/loss and margin of victory.
  • If a scenario ends in a tie - both players will roll all of their faction dice - hits will be adjudicated against the opponent dice, fled results will eliminate owning player dice, the player with the last remaining faction die will be declared the winner.

SIDE DETERMINATION: The following procedure will be used to determine sides:

  • Flip a coin - winner will pick a random faction from the bag and will play that side. The other player will have the opposing faction.

Byes will be awarded randomly if necessary - no player will be awarded more than one. If possible, Byes will be prevented by allowing a three or four player contest to ensure all participants can participate in a round.

Slow play is discouraged and time limits will be enforced. When the time limit is up, players will be allowed to complete the game turn in progress. The player with the most Victory Points will be the winner. If VPs are tied, the GMs will assess the tactical situation and declare a winner by majority vote. Note that slow play by one player, if applicable, will be taken into consideration.

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