Storms of Steel 3rd Edition Rules Are Finished!

September 20, 2018

Storms of Steel 3rd Edition Rules Are Finished!

The highly-anticipated rules revision to Storms of Steel is finally complete and has been uploaded to the website.  During the course of writing the rules for Storms of Steel, enough changes were made and they evolved so much that it became obvious that these would no longer be 2nd Edition Rules.  A whole new edition was being created.  

Not only have the rules evolved but approximately 40% of the language has been removed and the game is much more streamlined, while twice as many pages have been included for examples.  The main changes to the rules are:

  • No longer tracking APs
  • Fatigue for units taking consecutive turns
  • Updated hidden unit movement

AConflict of Heroes Custom d10fter a trip to Washington and Quantico earlier this summer to demo the new Conflict of Heroes rules set, Uwe and the writing team spent the next few months making final revisions and format changes.  Now the rules for Storms of Steel 3rd Edition are done and available for free download. 

Previous games can be played with the new 3rd Edition rules, and 3rd Edition games can be played with 2nd Edition rules.  They are fully compatible both ways.  All you need in order to play 3rd Edition are the rules and the new Conflict of Heroes Custom d10 Spent Check Die, which will be available on the website when Storms of Steel ships.

The 3rd Edition rules are based on the Solo Expansion for Awakening the Bear and are fully compatible.


Storms of Steel Rulebook 3rd Edition

Storms of Steel 3rd Edition Rules Available for Free Download

This new rule set makes the game feel very different.  With the Fatigue rules, we are expanding the gameplay over the entire front, instead of concentrating on pockets that include the Activated Unit.  By no longer tracking APs and promoting the activation of a different Unit every Turn, the game plays much faster, players have to make decisions every 15 seconds, and command uncertainty is at its height.  Now CAPs are utilized to lower the probability of a Unit becoming spent during the entire Round instead of being used at the end of a Round to take Actions with Spent Units.

If you have pre-ordered Storms of Steel, we have your order and there is no need to pre-order again.  When production is complete, you will receive the 3rd Edition game along with our heartfelt thanks for your support and patience.

Stay tuned to the website, social media, and our YouTube page for more updates as we begin to get production samples, gameplay videos, and other news.

Storms of Steel Pre-orders Are Still Available  

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